Why Our ‘Tiffany’ Replica Setting Is The Best On The Market!

tiffany setting replica

We get asked this question every single day.

Our Tiffany replica engagement ring is the most popular Tiffany style ring on the Internet.
We sell more of these exclusive custom settings of our own manufacture, than any other setting by far. We have thousands of testimonials in cyberspace for our ability to manufacture the highest quality Tiffany replica engagement ring on the Internet.

There are a few companies that make a similar claim of creating a ‘Tiffany’ setting with the best likeness etc. These companies might even be charging a few dollars less than our asking price for our Tiffany replica.

I guess this facilitates the question of whose setting is better…and what is actually the best value for the best likeness.

Although we only promote our product based on its own merits, and our thousands of testimonials are a testament to this, it is still important to point out some clear discrepancies between the Authentic Tiffany Ring/Our Tiffany Replica vs. some of the “better” Tiffany replicas on the market.

Indeed, there are many subtle nuances that go into the perfect manufacture of a ‘Tiffany’ inspired setting (the most popular solitaire setting of all time) . All of these factors and variables must be accounted for in order for a true Tiffany replica engagement ring to function like the authentic Tiffany, from both a structural/quality and an aesthetic standpoint.

If you read our lengthy description regarding our exclusive Tiffany replica, you will learn about the painstaking detail that goes into re-creating this incredible ring. All of these steps are crucial, in effecting a true Tiffany replica. Take a good look at the actual photographs we provide of our Tiffany replica and compare them to the original. Can you tell the difference?

Now compare them with the original, as well as against some of the competing “tiffany” replicas. You will see noticeable discrepancies between the original/our replica vs. the other replicas.

True, some replicas are better than others. However, in order for it to actually be indistinguishable from the original Tiffany, down to the very last detail, every minute aspect must be accounted for.

Take a look at our Replica on top. Notice the distinctive and beautiful clawed prongs with their unique taper. See how they are tapered to the diamond without the clutter of too much metal over the top of the stone.

We accomplish this by carving a concavity into the inner portion of all 6 prongs, where the loose diamond is actually held in place. Our premise (as well as Tiffany’s) is for there to be minimal clutter of metal over the top of your beautiful ideal cut diamond. To this end; we also create our ring basket to the exact specifications of your diamond…no extra metal..and perfect prongs geared to your specific stone!

Now look at the competing “Tiffany” replica. Sure it’s decent. However, look at the prongs. These prongs are rounded off and flat, not clawed like the actual Tiffany diamond ring. This is indeed one of the hallmarks of the Authentic Tiffany. Now you might also notice how the prongs come up over the top of the stone a bit more than is necessary…

There are many more differences….

Are they somewhat subtle? Maybe.

Are they only noticeable under a “magnifying glass”?

Certainly not.

Is it worth it for you to spend a few dollars more on these distinctive differences, in order to get a Tiffany inspired ring that is truly indistinguishable from the authentic version?
Only you can answer this question.

Remember however, “you get what you paid for”.