Radiant Cut Diamonds

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Let Your Light Shine Through: The Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Does anything sparkle quite as much as a beautiful radiant cut diamond engagement ring?

Perhaps your smile on the day you got engaged might sparkle as much, but other than that – well, there’s just something about a rock on your finger that shines no matter which way you look at it.

The beauty of the radiant cut is that it’s available in multiple shapes, so you don’t have to settle on round or rectangle. Of course, this also makes the decision making that much harder, but also that much more fun. And with the array of settings available, the possibilities can seem endless.

What is important to know about a radiant cut diamond engagement ring? Primarily, the cut itself. The design was created to allow the diamond’s natural brilliance to shine through.

Before 1977, brides had to choose between the cut and the brilliance; if she wanted a radiant shine, the diamond had to be round. But if she required a rectangle, she compromised on sparkle. The radiant cut combines the best of both: the emerald cut and the brilliant cut, and, thanks to Henry Grossbard, the designer of the cut, the result is absolutely beautiful.

How a diamond is cut can affect the appearance of the stone.

Cut determines proportion, and if size matters, then a quality cut is of utmost importance. A finely cut, small stone will in fact appear larger than a poorly cut bigger stone. What this translates into, then, is that you can still have a ring of your dreams on a tighter budget.

This also means that it is imperative to find a jeweler you trust, as we all know that there are some less-than-honest diamond salespeople in this world who rank right up there in the used car salesmen category.

“A finely cut, small stone will in fact appear larger than a poorly cut bigger stone.”

For classic looking rectangular Radiant Cut diamonds, look for a length-to-width ratio between 1.30 – 1.40 to 1.

How to Buy a Radiant Cut Diamond With Confidence

Choosing a reputable online jeweler ensures you know you’re going to get exactly the stone you dreamed of and more importantly, paid for. If you love the radiant cut, you can even create your own engagement ring using that cut.

A reputable jeweler will work with you on finding an engagement ring with the right cut and the right quality. Most will be happy to explain the process to you as well, as they know they’ll find a captive audience. And it’s worth your time and money to listen.


Buying a diamond can be a complicated process, but oh, so much fun. In addition to cut, other terms you need to pay attention to include carat (the weight), the color (yellow, blue, pink), clarity (how many imperfections the rock has), and fluorescence (how much of a blue-ish tint the diamond has under ultraviolet light). But again, its the cut that matters most, and should be the first factor in choosing a ring; then the others follow in accordance to wants and wallet size.


So talk with your girlfriends, mothers, friends of friends, and anyone else you notice sporting one of those sparkly radiant cut diamond engagement rings. Almost any bride-to-be will be happy to show you her ring in more detail and share every bit of information she can.


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