Support Two Causes.  Now you can help Kwagala Project while you raise money for your own cause. Kwagala Project’s fundraising bracelets are specially priced to enable you to sell them in volume to raise money for your cause, while also helping us combat human trafficking. 

You can purchase 20 bracelets for $60 ($3.00 each). The suggested price for selling our fundraising bracelets is $10.00 each, yielding high profits for your cause or organization.  The bracelets come in a variety of colors to match your cause, including Sunset Orange, Courageous Red, Cool Teal, Summer Yellow, Graceful Pink, Lively Lime Green, and Regal Purple.  For orders over 100, you can order customer colors or color combinations.

About the Beads. Click here for more information about how these unique and beautiful beads are crafted.