You want to help.  Someone.  Somewhere.  Significantly.  Maybe through adoption, a mission/volunteer trip, or by contributing to medical research or equipment.  It’s an incredible goal.

Fundraising has to happen.  As a means to the end, it’s often daunting, cheesy, uncomfortable, and other words that are far from incredible.  But there is a way to get straight to the point—straight to your desire to help.  Kwagala offers fundraising that is fundraising. You raise money for your cause while supporting ours.

You can offer something as incredible as the story it tells—the story of saving lives. 

Asking for money is hard. Sharing your mission via jewelry that creates an even larger impact is easy. Spending your energy for small margins is hard. Realizing the larger margins with Kwagala is motivating.

Imagine saying, I’m almost at my goal! This is really happening!  Imagine knowing that someone in Uganda is able to say the same—because of you.

Here’s an example of how it works: Purchase 20 bracelets for $60 ($3.00 each). Sell them for our suggested price of $10.00 each and explain the double social impact being made with each purchase. That's it. Those are high profits for your cause!