Diamond Jewelry – The Basics

diamond jewelry

You are here because you are interested in buying some diamond jewelry, maybe some loose diamonds, or diamond earrings.

I am here to help…. and who I am and what I believe are laid out on the Diamond Buying pages.

I’ve already mentioned that trust will be a major component in buying diamond jewelry or loose diamonds, in buying your diamond…. the diamond that will be perfect for you.

I can’t tell you what diamond you should buy, nor can an online retailer tell you, nor can a local jeweler…. only you will know what diamond will be “the one”. You will have to do a bit of study to get up to speed on the technical aspects of diamond grading…. the factors that will affect the beauty of the diamond along with setting the price.

With this knowledge you will have trust, that is trust in yourself, trust that you understand enough about diamonds to make an informed choice. You will know enough that when a salesperson says something that just doesn’t sound right; it will send up a flag and could help you steer clear of a bad decision. I have trust that if you keep it simple, do a bit of research (homework), you will end up with a diamond without having any “buyer’s remorse”.

When I was a Diamond Instructor at GIA, at the beginning of a new class, I told the students that by the end of the course they will be able to completely grade a diamond in less than a minute. Some of them didn’t believe me, however they were pleasantly surprised at the end of the course when they could actually grade diamonds without a problem.

I’m not suggesting that you will be able to completely grade a diamond after looking at this site…. but you will have enough knowledge to be an informed consumer. So believe me…. you can do this!

Good luck in your engagement ring shopping and research!